Victories List


I’ve been up tossing and turning all night–my nursing program starts tomorrow and I’m far too excited/nervous to sleep. I sometimes find myself doing this when I have a lot on my plate–I usually keep a notebook and pen on my nightstand so I can write down all the important “things to do” that fly through my head at night. Writing it down helps me let the thoughts pass more smoothly, I don’t have to dwell on a particular thought because it’ll be there in the morning on paper. Right now, though, I don’t have a lot of responsibilities or tasks that I’m afraid I’ll forget. I’m just too excited to sleep.

I’m hoping that making this list will serve a few purposes–for the moment, it’s a meditative practice with which I have history. Making this list might mean I can catch a few more hours of sleep before I get up for good. I also hope that in the future, I can revisit the list and remind myself that I’m a kick-ass, capable woman.

Inspiration for this list came from the following blog:

Victories List (in approximately chronological order)

  1. became a big sister (twice!)
  2. jr. black belt in Taekwando
  3. attended leadership conference with mom in Pennsylvania
  4. learned to ski
  5. traveled to Seattle with mom
  6. illustrated 6th grade teacher’s book cover because she admired my art
  7. math meet competitor
  8. completed Hunter’s Safety training
  9. hunted with my dad-pheasant, grouse, partridge, dove, deer, moose, and elk
  10. visited a friend in Alaska
  11. mentoring program-partnered with a girl with special needs
  12. first job at a local ice cream/burger joint
  13. traveled to Mexico on family vacations
  14. attended state leadership seminar as school representative
  15. state Governor’s School scholar
  16. spoke at chamber of commerce meeting in home town
  17. Japan/US Senate Exchange Scholar
  18. helped coach 6th grade basketball
  19. qualified and ran at state track
  20. 34 on my ACTs
  21. cross country captain
  22. won a race (JV, but still fun!)
  23. FCCLA chapter president
  24. Tom Petty concert with my parents
  25. learned to sew
  26. learned to cook
  27. Student Council President
  28. National Honors Society President
  29. fell in love
  30. all state speech
  31. academic all state
  32. placed in both of my events at state speech 4 years in a row–sometimes the only woman in current events category to place at state
  33. selected to meet with city council to survey community about proposed city taxes
  34. Passed national boards to become an EMT-B
  35. high school valedictorian-gave a speech!
  36. Presidential scholarship at my University
  37. outstanding character award at high school graduation
  38. became a vegetarian
  39. counseled at a summer camp for children and adults with special needs
  40. good grades in college
  41. learned to speak French and attended French table with native speakers
  42. volunteered at Humane Society, as a conversation partner for English language learners, at local drag shows, at the state leadership seminar, as a safe space trainer for LGBTQ issues, at Special Olympics, and as a yoga teacher at a substance abuse rehabilitation clinic
  43. taught yoga at student wellness center
  44. taught reformer pilates at wellness center
  45. learned how to snowboard
  46. attended local LBGTQ student organization
  47. came out as bi, and later queer to family and friends
  48. fell in love again
  49. Assistant Director at camp
  50. first grown up apartment
  51. regularly attended regional and national conferences on sexuality and college campuses, bisexuality, and other LGBTQ issues
  52. presented at an LGBTQ conference
  53. traveled to Spain to visit my best friend who studied abroad
  54. attended a Killers concert at an olympic stadium in Madrid
  55. visited France on family vacation
  56. student organization activities coordinator officer
  57. survived a friend’s suicide
  58. sought out mental health help
  59. adopted my dog from the Humane Society
  60. independent research in organic chemistry, parasitology, and entomology
  61. job as assistant for the health and wellness head honcho on campus
  62. chaired the committee to plan a campus interfaith week
  63. selected to serve on a diversity council to the university president
  64. Phi Beta Kappa
  65. survived a sexual assault
  66. finished undergraduate thesis
  67. engaged to my partner
  68. performed corneal recoveries on donors for the state Lion’s Eye Bank
  69. graduated magna cum laude with two degrees (three majors and a minor)
  70. bought a house
  71. worked for a year in customer service to support ourselves as partner looked for a better job
  72. got married to my amazing, supportive partner
  73. nannied awesome kids
  74. testified against my assailant in court marshall proceedings and saw him convicted
  75. back to school to pursue nursing
  76. shadowed a home birth midwife
  77. stood next to my sister as matron of honor at her wedding
  78. taught a children’s gardening class at the city library
  79. helped organize national moth week with local environmental enthusiasts
  80. got into nursing school
  81. watched my sister walk across the stage at her pinning and nursing graduation
  82. started this blog

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